Our cremation service is a flameless and environmentally safe process called alkaline hydrolysis or aquamation. Aquamation is a process that uses water and an alkaline solution, which when heated dissolves the organics, leaving behind inorganic bone cremains. Aquamation is 100% pollutant/ disease free, uses 90% less energy and produces 80%-90% fewer greenhouse emissions. Aquamation provides 20% more cremains than traditional cremations.

We offer Private and Communal cremations. Remains for private cremation are returned to their owners in a wooden box urn, engraved with flowers and include a certificate signed by the doctor. Owners who want cremation for their pet but who do not want the remains should choose a communal cremation. We also offer PawPals Paw print for a lasting memory of your pet. The easy to use kit includes a convenient place to hold a picture of your pet. Let us know and we will provide a lasting visual memory of your beloved companion.